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Edit Your Return and Guarantee Policies
Edit Your Privacy Policy
Discount Codes
Recommend Products
Charge Shipping Per Order
Charge Shipping Per Item
Charge Shipping by Weight
Charge Shipping by Order Amount - Shipping Table
Charge Shipping as a Percentage of Sales
Edit or Delete a Shipping Method
Export Catalog Products
Order Email Notification
Inventory Management
View Orders
Mass Manage Products / Product Inventory
Export Orders
Refund an Order
Upload Products in Bulk or via FTP
Minimum Orders
Confirming PayPal Orders (ebooks)
Sell Downloadable Products and eBooks
PayPal Order, but No Payment
Shopzilla Overview Overview
List Products on eBay
Tax Error - Tax Not Working
What Tax to Use
Tax on Some Items Only
Edit or Delete a Tax
Create a Tax
What is Doba Drop Shipping?
Price Differences for Sizing, Style, Color, etc.
Sell Regular and Wholesale Priced Items
Gift Certificates
Sell Photos - Copyright Protection
PayPal Error - "Encrypted Payments Only"
Difference Between PayPal Standard and Website Payments Pro
PayPal Standard
Manual Credit Card Processing
Set up SecurePay for Australian$ credit card processing
Setup PSIGate for Canadian$ or US$ credit card processing for Canadian residents
Set up for US$ credit card processing Error - "This transaction cannot be accepted" Error - "You Do Not Have Permissions" - Test Transaction - Issue a Refund - API Login Name and Transaction Key
An Introduction to the Shopping Cart
What are Merchant Accounts, Payment Gateways and PayPal?
Customer Accounts - Express Checkout
Getting a Merchant Account - Millenium Bankcard
Using the Shopping Cart by Itself
Cart Error - Empty Shopping Cart
Customize the Order Confirmation "Thank You" Page
PayPal Transactions - Instant Payment Notification
Payment Processing Options for AUD$
Payment Processing Options for CAD$
Offline Order & Payment Processing
PayPal "Buy Now" HTML Buttons
PayPal Donations
Google Checkout
Inserting Advertising/Affliate Conversion Code
Introduction to Shipping Rates
PayPal Website Payments Pro
Create a New Doba Account
Attach an Existing Doba Account to Your Site
Add Doba Products to Your Site
Change Currency
Charge Individual Shipping Rates for Each Item
Setting Up Your Shipping Rates for Doba Products
Completing Orders for Doba Products
Delete Doba Products from Your Site
Doba Inventory Views Explained
Import Products
Custom Shipping Rates
Shipping Restriction Message
Shipping Overview
Free Shipping
Oversized Shipping
PayPal Advanced
Catalog Filters
Catalog Settings