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The integration is being discontinued as of August 7, 2012.

Here are the instructions to upload your products on your own:

To upload your products, you will need to create a feed with all your product information. A feed is a complete listing of all your products featured on your e-commerce site that includes information such as price, manufacturer/brand, title, product description, image url, product url, condition of product, shipping costs, etc.

Basic Feed Requirements

All feeds files regardless of format must adhere to the requirements below.
  1. A column header row must be included on the first line of your feed and reflect the content within the column.
  2. Acceptable file formats: Excel 98-2003 Only, .CSV (Comma Separated Value sheet) or .TXT Character Delimited Text Files (pipe, tab, comma, semi-colon).
  3. For text files, data should be enclosed within double quotation marks ( " ). If you intend to use the double quote character ( " ) itself and not as a delimiter, it should be repeated. For example, ?15" TV? should be entered as "15"" TV".

Yellow Warning IMPORTANT: HTML, CSS, or any other formatting languages, e.g. "\n\r", are not accepted. If you accidentally include these characters, it will cause formatting errors in your product listing. If they are added in the product price, product name or product URL columns, it will cause that product to be rejected. HTML/CSS tags will be displayed as basic ASCII text. If they are included in the product price column, it will cause those products to be rejected.

Uploading Your Feed

  1. File name should remain consistent for all updates. (e.g. MerchantnameSDC.csv) Do not include the date in your file name.
  2. File name cannot contain spaces or special symbols.
  3. You may upload your feed during or after the enrollment process in the Merchant Account Center using our automated feed uploading wizard. Select ?List Products? from the Overview Tab to begin.
  4. Browse to the feed on your computer and upload your feed or
  5. Map the headers in your feed file to the headers in our system.
  6. Note: each time you make changes you will need to upload your updated file.

Feed Updates

IMPORTANT: Updates are full-file updates.
Do not send feed files containing only the products you?d like to update after uploading your initial inventory file. To update, replace the previous inventory feed file by overwriting the file. You should update your datafeed file at least once daily. Otherwise, will reserve the right to remove those products from obsolete datafeeds.

  1. Add or Remove the line(s) or row(s) in your datafeed file that contains that product(s) details. To change an item?s price, availability, etc. simply change the appropriate field in your datafeed.
  2. If you need to change the format of your feed, i.e. change a .csv feed to Excel .xls, you will need to repeat the integration process from the beginning.
  3. IMPORTANT: If you do not update the Merchant Account Center with the new file name, extension, and map its headers, the system will not recognize that your feed has changed and will fail to update."

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