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To view your orders that you receive via PayPal,, PSIGate, SecurePay or Manual Processing:

  1. Click the 'Edit Store' tab.
  2. Click 'Orders'.
  3. Orders are shown from newest to oldest. 50 orders are shown per page.
  4. Click on the Order ID number to see details of the order.

  5. The following information will be displayed:
    1. Customer's shipping address.
    2. Customer's billing information
    3. Product(s) they purchased and a breakdown of the charges for each.
    4. Only the 4 last digits of the customer?s credit card will be displayed, unless you have chosen to process payment manually. If you have chosen manual payment processing, the entire credit card number will be shown.
    5. Below the payment details, you can use the radio buttons to mark what stage of processing the order is at.

Green Warning NOTE: The way you receive the funds from your order depends on the payment processing method you chose. If you have chosen PayPal or for payment processing, they will process the payment for you. If you are using Manual Payment Processing mode, you will need to process the payment separately through your own processing facility to complete the purchase. Once you have received payment for the order, you will be able to go into the orers from the 'View Orders' page to change their status (e.g. Not Shipped > Confirmed & Shipped).

Green Warning NOTE: The Dashboard will now display a notification for any orders submitted within the last 7 days (increased from 24 hours). Additionally, you can now click on the notifications to be taken to the order to view it. You can also click on "Edit Store" to give you a daily sales total on the right hand column of the page.

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