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Import Products

You can import up to 100 products at a time using the Import Products Tool. Here's how:

  1. Go to 'Edit Store' -> 'Products' -> 'Import Products'.
  2. Click 'DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE' and download the sample template. Open it up in Excel or a text editor (such as Notepad).
  3. Read the instructions, which have double hash-marks (##) preceeding them.
  4. Remove the sample product row ('IPOD001').
  5. Add your own products: one on each row. Only the Title is required, but you can fill out the rest of the columns too.
    Red Warning WARNING: Do not include any line breaks or hard returns in these fields. If you need line breaks in your product Description or Summary, please add HTML break tags: <br>

  6. Save the file to your computer, and note where you saved it to (if you get a popup confirming that you want to save in CSV format, click 'Yes').
  7. Click 'Browse' and select the CSV file, then click 'UPLOAD'.
  8. If no errors come up, a preview page will be displayed. Nothing has been added to the Inventory just yet!
  10. The new products will be displayed in your Inventory ('Edit Store' -> 'Products' -> 'Import Products') under 'Unlisted Products'.

Yellow Warning NOTE: Up to 100 products may be uploaded at once. Any extra products will be ignored.

Yellow Warning NOTE: The maximum size of the CSV file is 1 MB.


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