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Inventory Management

For each of your products you have the option to have automated inventory management. This means you enter in the number of items you have and anytime they are bought, the number is reduced. When you run out of items, the product can be made invisible to visitors or you can have an out of stock message display.

To Enable Inventory Management for a Product:

  1. Go to your Catalog page, click on a product and then click 'Edit Page'.
  2. Scroll down to the 'Inventory' section.
  3. Checkmark 'enable inventory management for this product'.
  4. Beside 'Items in Stock' enter the number of items you have available. Or, if you have 'Product Variants' for your product, edit each option and fill in the box by '# in Stock.'
  5. Choose an out of stock option from the drop down menu.
    • Hide product: Product doesn't show once there are none left to sell.
    • Display out of stock message: Product shows but beside 'Availability' is your out of stock message.

If you decide to have an out of stock message, you may keep the default message or write your own message. The default message is:

This product is back-ordered; it is unavailable for ordering at this time please come back or continue shopping.

NOTE: If you have 1 item left and the customer adds 3 of these to their cart, when they go through the checkout steps they will see that 2 of the items have been removed and a message will display advising that they have gone over what you have in stock.

Once inventory management is set up, you can also change the inventory amounts and pricing for multiple products at the same time using the Products Inventory feature.


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