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Add Doba Products to Your Site

Listing Doba Products

  1. Log into your account
    1. Click 'Catalog'.
    2. Search for your desired product -> view the details of the product.
    3. Click the 'Add to My Inventory' button, either select an existing Inventory Lister or create a new Inventory List.
    4. Do steps b and c for all the products that you'd like to sell.
    5. Click the 'My Inventory' tab -> click 'Manage Lists' to the left -> Make sure 'Callback' box is checked -> click 'Submit Changes'.
      Red Warning Important: The 'Callback' MUST be checked for the Inventory List to be available in the Inventory Management section of your site.  It may take a few minutes for Doba to send the products to your site.

  2. Log into your [HOST.NAME] website.
    1. Click 'Edit Store' -> 'Products' -> 'Inventory'.
    2. Next to 'Filter by: Doba Watchlist,' choose your Watch List. For each product, select the desired catalog page under 'Catalog Page' and insert your prices under 'Price' and 'Sales Price' (if applicable) -> click 'Save'.

Green Warning Note: Please refer to the Doba Help section for any questions on using your Doba account.

Payment Processing Options

Since you are selling Doba products, which are always paid for in US dollars, your shopping cart must be set to accept US dollars. As well, for the integration to work between your site and Doba's inventory, only payment options that use our cart will work.

The only options you can choose to work with Doba are:

  • PayPal
  • Manual Processing


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