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Charge Shipping by Weight

You may setup multiple custom shipping methods to cover your shipping restrictions and/or to provide shipping options to your customers.

To Setup a Shipping Rate by Weight:

  1. Navigate to the 'Edit Store' tab -> 'Shopping Cart' -> on the left-hand menu click on 'Shipping'.
  2. Click on 'Add Custom Shipping Method'.
  3. Enter a name for the shipping method.
    • This is displayed to the customer during the checkout process. If multiple shipping methods apply for the customer's location, they will have the option to choose which shipping method they would prefer.
  4. Select the country or countries that the shipping rate applies to.
    • If the shipping rate applies to the entire world, select 'Anywhere'.
    • If the shipping rate only applies to a single country, select 'Inside' and then click on the country name.
    • If the shipping rate applies to multiple countries, select 'Inside', hold in the CTRL button on your keyboard, and then click on the name of each country.
    • If the shipping rate applies to all countries with one or more exceptions, select 'Outside', hold in the CTRL button on your keyboard, and then click on the name of each country that you will not ship to.
  5. Specify the states or provinces that the shipping method applies to.
    • If you have selected United States or Canada and the shipping rate applies to the entire country, leave the field blank.
    • If the rate only applies to a specific state or province, enter the 2-letter abbreviation for the state or province. For example, for California, you would enter "CA". For multiple states or provinces, continue adding the variations for each one separated by commas: "BC, AB".
  6. Enter the value for cost per unit of weight.
    • NOTE: All of your products should have a weight specified otherwise zero weight items will have free shipping for this shipping method.
  7. Click on 'Add'.


  • Name: Northwest
  • Country: Inside -> United States
  • States/Provinces: WA, OR
  • Cost per unit of weight: 1.25
The above would charge $7.50 to ship an order with a total weight of 6 pounds to any address in Washington or Oregon. If there are any other shipping rates applicable to the entire United States, they would also be displayed and the customer could choose the rate they prefer.


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