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Shopzilla Overview

The Shopzilla integration is being discontinued as of August 7, 2012.

Here are the instructions to upload your products on your own:

To upload your products, you will need to create a feed with all your product information. A feed is a complete listing of all your products featured on your e-commerce site that includes information such as price, manufacturer/brand, title, product description, image url, product url, condition of product, shipping costs, etc.

Once you have your feed formatted according to Shopzilla specs, you'll need to go to the tab named 'Manage Listings', then click on the first link labelled, 'Submit & Update Your Product Listings Data feed'. In the product listings dashboard, click the yellow/orange button labelled 'upload new listings'. You can edit your product data feed in excel, but Shopzilla will only take .txt files.
Once you're finished editing your feed, save as a text file. The file should not be over 1 MG or Shopzilla will reject it. In order to get around this, you'll have to break up your feed into several sections and submit them individually to avoid the 1mg size limit. Once you've uploaded your feed, it can take up to 24 to 36 hours to update in their system.

Updating Your Feed:

Updating your feed is easy once you?ve already done it. If you want to add items to your account, you can either add them to your existing feed or create a new separate feed. But make sure you click on the 'append listings to previously submitted listings' radio button. If you click the 'overwrite all current listings' radio button, you will lose everything you added previously.

Required fields:
  • Category ID
  • Title-Y
  • Product URL-Y
  • SKU-Y
  • Price-Y
Optional fields:
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
  • Image URL
  • Availability
  • Condition
  • Ship Weight
  • Ship Cost
  • Bid
  • Promotional Code
  • UPC

For more information, please log into your Shopzilla account


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