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If you would like to offer UPS shipping to your customers, you may do so by going to 'Edit Store' -> 'Shipping'. Click on the UPS tab. Then click on the 'Turn UPS On' button. Make the appropriate settings for what UPS shipping options you would like to offer on your site. The system will automatically try to determine the most cost effective method of packaging your purchase, based upon the dimensions and weights of the items being checked out.

  • Entry Point: Specify how the package will get to UPS to be shipped. This will affect the final price.
  • Carrier Service: You will need to choose which specific delivery options are available to the customer (choose at least one).
  • Account Discount: This percentage will be applied to all shipping charges generated for UPS. If you have an account with UPS, they may give you a discount on your shipping charges. You can add a percentage in here to encourage your customers to use UPS regardless of whether or not you actually receive an account discount.
  • Handling Fee: This dollar amount will be added to the final cost of the purchase at the very end of the checkout process (after the Shipping method has been selected by the customer, and directly before they pay).
  • Max Weight: Enter the maximum weight you want a single box to be. The maximum weight UPS will allow for a single box is 150lbs, but if you want to make sure no box is heavier than a particular weight, you can add that in here. We recommend that you leave this option blank.
  • Require Signature: Requiring a signature from the package recipient upon delivery will raise the total cost of shipping.

Save the Shipping page when you are done by clicking 'Save'.


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