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What is Doba Drop Shipping?


Get access to over one million products at wholesale prices that can be drop-shipped directly to your customers. Doba is fast, simple, and you can start for FREE today!


Doba is the leader in product sourcing on the Internet. As a member, you get access to over 1,000,000 brand name products in 8,000 different product categories, representing over 3,200 brands that can be drop shipped from our warehouses directly to your customers. Doba's unique system of product Access and Aggregation complemented by order management tools, email alerts, and online tracking make Doba a superior value. It's easy and risk-free. No more Inventory or Overhead!

Here are just a few of the many product categories: Home and Garden, Health and Fitness, Electronics, Computer, Floral & Craft Supply, Outdoor Recreation & Casual Clothing, Cutlery & Knives, Jewelry, Surfing, Beach Apparel, and Many More!


  • Accounts created through your website will be a fee limited doba account.  Maximum of 5 Watch Lists with 100 items per Watch List.
  • Members have the ability to access many different warehouses from one site. Access includes wholesale products, digital images, and descriptions. Plus, all orders and processes are standardized so there is no need to learn how to work with multiple suppliers.
  • Thanks to increased buying power, Doba is able to negotiate business relationships and product discounts that would be virtually impossible for our members to get on their own.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancel an account at any time by calling 1-877-321-DOBA (3622) and ask that your account be cancelled. For security purposes, Doba processes cancellation requests over the phone with a live representative. Please, have your account info ready before you call.


Please refer to Fees and Cancellations for details on their return policy.



Is Doba only for US based customers?

Only people based in the US or Canada can sign up for a Doba membership. Note thought that you can only sell the products to customers located in the continental US even if you are based in Canada. Doba only ships to the continental US. All pricing is in US dollars. You must ensure your payment processing is in US dollars.

Do I have to charge in US dollars?

We recommend you charge in US dollars because all Doba products are priced in US dollars.

Are there any shipping limitations with Doba?

Yes, Doba only ships to the continental US. As a result, you can only sell to customers based in the continental US.

How is shipping calculated?

Doba charges based on both UPS and FedEx rates. Depending on what you sell, the items can come from several different warehouses located across the US. The fees can vary depening on many factors. To help you sort through this, you can use our recommended shipping settings and if you like, you can adjust it.

How do I know what to charge for each item?

When you add Doba's products to your site, automatically, the MRSP (Manufacturer's Recommended Selling Price) is inserted as your price. Note that as you add items, you can see the wholesale price (what you pay to Doba) and MRSP. If you wish, you can change the price you charge to your customers. Make sure you do not go below the wholesale price or you won't make a profit.

What if Doba discontinues a product that I list on my site?

Discontinued products will be viewable within 'Edit Store' -> 'Products' -> 'Inventory' -> 'Discontinued Products'.

How are inventory quantities handled?

Automatically every hour your site will be updated with the current inventory amounts from Doba.

Can I sell Doba products as well as my own products?

Yes, you can sell them together. Note that the shipping rates has to be the same for both your products and Doba's products. As well you can only ship to the continental US.

Can I list the same Doba products in more than one catalog?

Yes. If you make changes to any of your listings for a product, it will update to the same for all other listings. For example, if you posted a beach ball in Catalog A and Catalog B and then made a change on it in Catalog A (e.g. the description or price), automatically your beach ball listing in Catalog B will change to the same information.

How come not all Doba products have images?

Doba does not provide images for all its products. It is not a problem with our site builder or your computer.

How do I cancel my Doba account?

Cancel an account at any time by calling 1.800.383.6695 or 801.705.9622 and ask that your account be cancelled. For security purposes, Doba processes cancellation requests over the phone with a live representative. Please, have your account info ready before you call. Doba offers a 30-day money back guarantee on Annual Membership Signups plus a prorated refund on annual memberships if cancelled after 30 days.

What kind of products does Doba offer?

With over 1 million products, Doba offers a wide variety of items, including categories like Apparel and Fashion, Automotive and Tools, Beauty and Health, Bed and Bath, Books, Music & Movies, Computer and Laptop, and MORE!


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