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Offline Order & Payment Processing

In addition to the online payment processing options set up with your website, you can provide your customers with Offline Payment Options, including orders/payments by:

  • Telephone Orders
  • Fax Orders
  • Money Orders/Checks
  • Offline Orders

Red Warning Offline payment options do not work like online payment options and are NOT tracked within the shopping cart. *See Exception Below Orders through offline payment methods will be submitted directly to you. You will then have to track and process the orders manually yourself, as order information will not be stored on your website. Also, these orders will not be reflected in the inventory management on your website.

Green Warning When the "Provide offline checkout options" option is selected in your Payment Processing options, users will be able to select "Offline Payment" as a payment method when checking out rather than entering a credit card. If necessary, you can provide instructions to your customers on how to submit their payment via the Payment Processing page. If enabled, this feature will now allow users to submit an order without payment, which will generate an Order on your website and send a confirmation email (if enabled) to the site administrators and the customer. This new method is useful for any situation where you need to generate an order or invoice without collecting payment; previously this was not possible without charging your customer's credit card or PayPal account.


To Set Up Offline Payment Options

  1. Go to 'Edit Store' -> 'Payment Processing'.
  2. Check the option called 'Provide offline checkout options'.
  3. Fill out the boxes provided.
    If you choose to accept checks or money orders, fill out the box provided with the name and address you would like the check/money order made out to.
    The result of using these boxes is that during the checkout process, the options show at the top of the payment page.
  4. Lastly, click on the 'Save' button at the top right to save your changes.



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