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Attach an Existing Doba Account to Your Site
Do you already have a Doba account?  Please follow the steps below to attach your Doba account to [HOST.NAME] website:
  1. Log into your Doba account -> click 'Settings'.
  2. Copy your Retailer ID. 
    Green Warning NOTE: Your Retailer ID is located on the Summary page in the Personal Information box.
  3. Log into your [HOST.NAME] website -> click 'Edit Store' -> 'Products' -> 'Doba'.
  4. Under 'Attach an Existing Doba Account' paste in your Retailer ID -> click 'Attach Account'.

Yellow Warning If the account status is 'Pending' you will need to give permission to  WebsiteDynamics:

  1. Log into your account -> you will see the message: 'WebsiteDynamics has requested permission to place orders for you.'
  2. Select 'Yes' and click 'Submit'.


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