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PayPal Transactions - Instant Payment Notification

For your convenience, you can view all your PayPal transactions right from your site. This allows you to confirm that your transactions have been processed with just a few clicks.

Connect Your PayPal Account to Your Site

Note: Please ensure that you are connecting the same PayPal account that is connected to your site in the 'Edit Site' -> 'Shopping Cart' -> 'Payment Processing' section.

  1. Go to PayPal's IPN setup and log in.
  2. On the 'Instant Payment Notification Preferences' page, click on the 'Choose IPN Settings' button.
  3. Check off the 'Receive IPN messages (Enabled)' box under 'IPN messages' and enter the following URL:

    Make sure to replace 'yoursitename' with your actual domain.
  4. Click 'Save'.

PayPal Transaction Summary and PayPal Transactions

To view your PayPal account details click on 'Edit Store' -> 'Orders' -> 'PayPal Transactions'.

The PayPal Transaction Summary page shows you all your recent PayPal transactions. You can click on the 'View Account History' link to see a history of all your PayPal transactions. The Account History page shows all your PayPal transactions. Items which were removed from the Account Summary page are marked as 'Filed' while items still on the Account Summary page are marked as 'Not Filed'.

You can switch between the PayPal Transaction Summary and Account History pages by clicking on the 'View Account History' and 'Return to Account Summary' links.

The following explains the columns on the Account History and Summary pages:

Order #

If the order was made on a [] site, the order number appears. If you have several sites with [], only the transactions made on the site you are currently on are linked to the order details.

Full Name Customer or recipient's name.

Instant - Customer paid from their PayPal account or by credit card.

eCheck - Customer paid by echeck.

Auction - This is an auction payment. (Payments made using Pay for eBay Items or Smart Logos, as well as Send Money/Money Request payments with the type 'Goods-Auction')

Amount Amount charged to your customer. If the amount is in brackets '( )' the amount was refunded.
PayPal Fee The fees charged by PayPal to your PayPal account. These are not fees you pay to []. A fee with a dash '-' in front of it is a fee you paid to PayPal. If the fee is in brackets '( )' the fee was charged and then refunded.
Payment Status

Canceled_Reversal - This means a reversal has been canceled (e.g. you, the merchant, won a dispute with the customer and the funds for the transaction that was reversed have been returned to you).

Completed -The payment has been completed and the funds have been added successfully to your account balance.

Denied -You, the merchant, denied the payment. This will only happen if the payment was previously pending.

Failed -The payment has failed. This will only happen if the payment was made from your customer's bank account. Usually it means there were insufficient funds.

Pending -The payment is pending. This is common for echecks. Note: You will receive another instant payment notification when the payment becomes 'completed', 'failed', or 'denied'.

Refunded -You, the merchant, refunded the payment.

Reversed -This means that a payment was reversed due to a chargeback or other type of reversal. The funds have been removed from your account balance and returned to the buyer.

Website designates an order that was made on your [] site and sent to PayPal.
Date The date of the transaction.

Filing Transactions

On your Account Summary page you can file your transactions so they no longer display on the page. This is helpful for keeping track of recent transactions. The transactions will still be stored on your Account History page. To file transactions, check off the box by your items under 'File' and then click on the 'File Selected Items' button.

Displaying Only Your Site Transactions

On both Account pages, you can make your table only show transactions made on your site by checking the box by 'View only orders made at [Your Site Name Here]'. Uncheck it to show all orders again. If you have several [] sites, only transactions made on the site you are on will show with this option.


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