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You can move your catalog items to different catalogs and change the pricing using the Products Inventory feature.

Accessing the Products Inventory Feature

  1. Under the 'Edit Store' tab, click 'Products'.
  2. Click 'Inventory' on the left.
  3. Next to 'Filter By,' you have 2 options. Select 'Filter Status' and you get options:
    1. All Products
    2. Unlisted Products (Display products hidden from the catalog page)
    3. Out-of-Stock Products
    4. Sale Products
    5. All Doba Products
    6. Unlisted Doba Products
    7. Discontinued Doba Products

    Or, select 'Catalog' to only show products from a particular catalog layout page.
  4. Make your changes below and click 'Save.'

Changing Product Location

To move your product to a different catalog:

  1. In the 'Catalog Page' column, click the drop down menu beside the product you want to move.
  2. Select the catalog you want to move the product to and click 'Save'.

Yellow Warning NOTE: This does not just copy the item to a different catalog but actually moves it. If you would like your item to appear in more than one catalog, you will have to create the product in each catalog.

Managing Inventory

If you've enabled inventory for your products, you can adjust all of your inventory amounts with this tool. Just adjust the numbers and click 'Save'.

NOTE: If you have not enabled inventory for certain products, entering numbers in the fields available will enable it. Inventory amounts for Doba products are set by Doba.

Changing Regular & Sale Pricing

You can change both the regular and sale pricing of your items on this page. Make your changes to the pricing and click 'Save'.

Changing Variant Options

If a product has variants (see Price Differences for Sizing, Style, Color, etc.), you can edit each of the product's options as follows:

  1. Click on the 'Show Variants' link by your product.
  2. Your product options show below. Make your edits.
  3. When you're done, you can choose to leave the options open or click 'Hide Variants.' You can then make further changes to your product listings.
  4. Save the page.

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