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Completing Orders for Doba Products

To complete or process your orders, you need to buy the products from Doba, which will then be sent to your customer.

  1. Click on 'Edit Store' -> 'Orders'.
  2. Orders that include items from Doba will show a checkbox in the 'Send Order' column. If you have received payment (some payment options require you to do extra steps or confirmations), you can check off the item(s) and then click 'Send Order to DOBA'.
  3. Next you'll see a summary of your order(s). Click on 'Process Order'.
  4. You'll then see a confirmation message. Click to continue.You'll be returned to your Orders page, where you'll see 'Fulfilled' under 'Send Orders' where the check box used to be.
  5. Go to and log in to your account. Then, click 'Orders' at the top.
  6. For any items you want to complete the orders for, click on the 'Pay Now' link.
  7. You now have the option to pay by credit card or PayPal. Once the transaction is complete, you're finished!


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