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Export Orders

You can export your customer orders in two different formats:

  • CSV - Spreadsheet
  • TXT - Text file

You can also select the date range of the information you'd like to export. For example, if you only want to export your information for February, you can do so.

To export your order information:

  1. Click the 'Edit Store' tab.
  2. Click 'Orders'.
  3. Click 'Export Orders' on the left.
  4. Select your date range:
    1. Click on the text field below FROM: and choose a start date from the pop-up calendar.
    2. Click on the text field below TO: and choose an end date from the pop-up calendar.
  5. Select either CSV or TXT.
  6. Click 'Export'.
  7. A FILE DOWNLOAD window will open and click 'Save'.
  8. Select where you'd like to save the file.

Yellow Warning IMPORTANT: To keep the database current, it's updated every hour on the hour. If you make changes to your orders, changes will not be shown on your export file until the following hourly update. For example, if you delete an order at 10:45am, the change will not be shown unless you export your file following 11am. Please note that if you try to export a file during the update process, you will receive an error message that will prompt you to try again in a few minutes.


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