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Knowledge Articles under this Category
What is an Articles Page?
Adding an Article
Sorting, Editing, and Deleting Articles
What is a Calendar Page?
Adding a Calendar Event
Managing Calendar Events
What is a Recommend Site Page?
What is a Photo Album Page?
Add New Images to a Photo Album
Sorting, Editing, and Deleting Photo Album Images
What is a Guest Book Page?
Posting, Editing, and Deleting Guest Book Comments
Guest Book Error - Redirecting
What is an Autoresponder Page?
Add and Edit Autoresponse Emails
Delete Autoresponse Email
View & Delete Autoresponse Subscribers
Export Autoresponder Subscribers
Autoresponder Error - Sending from Hotmail
What is a Catalog Page?
Add Products
Sort, Edit, and Delete Products
What is a Contacts Page?
Add a Contact
Sort, Edit, and Delete Contacts
What is a Coupons Page?
Add a Coupon
Sort, Edit, and Delete Coupons
What is a Downloads Page?
How Customers Access Downloadable Products
What is a FAQ Page?
Add a Question or Heading
Sort, Edit, and Delete Questions and Headings
What is a Feedback Form Page?
Set Up a Feedback Form
Sort, Edit, and Delete Form Fields
View, Export, and Delete Feedback Form Submissions
What is an Hours of Operation Page?
What is a Links Page?
Add Links to Links Page
Add Headings for Link Lists
Sort, Edit, and Delete Links and Headings
What is a Maps Page?
Add a Map Location
Sort, Edit, and Delete Map Locations
What is a Message Board Page?
Post, Edit, Delete, and Lock a Message Board Topic
Post, Edit, Delete, and Lock a Message Board Message
Message Board Member and Guest Access
Message Board Member Login and Profile Management
Manage Message Board Members
Manage Message Board Moderators
What is a Multimedia Page?
How do I upload or add multimedia Files (videos, music, etc.)?
What is a Newsletters Page?
Add a Newsletter
Newsletter Subscription Sign Up
Newsletter Subscriber Management
Export Subscriber Email Addresses
Put Links in a Newsletter
HTML Code in Newsletters
What is a Polls Page?
Add a Poll
View Poll Results
Edit and Delete Polls
What is a Press Releases Page?
Add a Press Release
Sort, Edit, and Delete Press Releases
What is a Quotes Page?
Add a Quote
Sort, Edit, and Delete Quotes
What is a Redirect Page?
Create and Edit a Redirect
What is a View Cart Page?
What is a Web Page?
Change a Web Page Layout & Sections
Choose FAQ Layout
Sort, Edit, and Delete Media Shown on Multimedia Page
Manage Newsletters
Article Display Options
Poll Display Options
Edit Feedback Form Thank You Page
Set Up a Blog
Guest Book Spam Management
Message Board Spam Management
Catalog Filters
Catalog Settings