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Manage Newsletters

Once you've created your newsletters, you can edit, delete, or change the status (send, re-send, publish, unpublish) of them at any time.

  1. Within the editing page, click 'Edit Newsletters' on the left.
  2. To edit or change the status of your newsletter, click 'Edit'. Make sure to save your changes.
    To delete a newsletter, click on the red 'X' to the right of the newsletter you want to delete.

When changing the status, you will have a variety of options depending on whether the newsletter is a draft or has been sent. Draft newsletters will offer the same status options as a new one. Sent newsletters offer the following options:

Save as Draft (Remove from Website) - Saving your newsletter as a draft will remove it from your website without deleting it.
Re-Publish on your Website (Don't Send) - Re-publishing a newsletter will update changes of the published newsletter on your website.
Re-Publish and Send Newsletter Email to all Subscribers - Re-sending a newsletter will send the updated version of the newsletter to subscribers and publish the changes on your website.


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