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How do I upload or add multimedia Files (videos, music, etc.)?
  1. Click 'Edit Page' while on your Multimedia page (if you don't have a Multimedia page, click 'Edit Site' -> 'Add Page' to add it).

  2. On the left-hand menu click 'Manage Media'.

  3. Select 'Use your own media file'.

  4. Enter the 'Title' of the media file. Then, click 'Select File' to open the Media Library.

  5. A window pops up. Click 'Choose...'

  6. Select a file from your computer and click 'Upload File'.

  7. The display size of the file is entered automatically, but you can adjust it if you like in the width and height fields. Click the 'Add Media' button when you're done.

  8. You will now see your file listed under 'Media Shown on Page'. Save your page.

Yellow Warning NOTE: Files larger than 10 MB may not be able to upload depending on your internet connection.


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