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Creating a Favicon

To set up a favicon:

  1. Create a .ico file (your Favicon image file).
  2. Using a Multimedia page, upload your Favicon file and display it on your Multimedia page.
  3. View the multimedia page, right-click the link that shows the name of your file and select 'Properties'. Copy the full URL (it starts with http:// and includes the file name).
  4. Edit your home page, then on the left-hand menu click on 'Properties'.
  5. Click on the third tab, <HEAD></HEAD>, and enter the following code, replacing "address" with the URL you copied.

<link REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF="address">

  1. Click 'Save'.

When you open the page next time, the Favicon should appear. If you want it to show for all your pages, add the tag to each page's section.


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