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Link to a Multimedia File

When you add a file to a Multimedia layout, a link is created on that page. The link allows your visitors to download the file. You can copy that link over to other pages to give your visitors direct access to the file from any page you like.

  1. Add a file to a Multimedia layout
  2. Click 'View Page'
  3. Right click on the link to the file
  4. Select 'Copy Shortcut' or 'Copy Link Location'
  5. Go to the page on which you want the link to appear and hit 'Edit Page'
  6. In the Easy Editor type in any name for the link (the words the visitor will click on)
  7. Highlight the word(s) and select the 'Link' icon
  8. Paste the URL under 'URL(use Ctrl+V to paste)
  9. Hit 'OK' to save.


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