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Email is Already Set Up With Domain Registrar

If you move your domain name to your [HOST.NAME] site, you have to set up your email with us. There will be some downtime of your email during this process. Here's how to set everything up with the least amount of downtime:

  1. Change your DNS nameservers through your domain name registrar to the following:

    Primary DNS Server:
    Secondary DNS Server:

    How you do this is dependent on your domain registrar. Here are instructions for changing your DNS for some domain registrars:

    GoDaddy - click here

    Yahoo - click here

    Netfirms - click here

    Network Solutions - click here

    PowWeb - click here

  2. When logged in to your website, navigate to the 'Edit Site' tab -> 'Domain & Email' -> click on 'I already have a domain name...'.
  3. Enter your purchased domain name and click on 'Save'.
  4. On the left-hand menu click on 'Email'.
  5. Click on 'Add Email Account'.
  6. Enter your account info and click 'Create Account'. Setup instructions for popular email clients are available on the right-hand side.

It takes 2 to 5 days for everything to get processed by your registrar and for the info to proliferate across the internet. Your email will only be down for likely one day or less. The email you setup with us will not work until after your domain name is resolving to your [HOST.NAME] site.


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