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Setting Up Your Domain Name With Your Site

1. Select your site from your 'Dashboard' page, then click the 'Edit Site' button near the top of the page.

2. Click 'Domain & Email'.

3. You then see 2 options:
  • 'I want a domain name from [HOST.NAME]' - You wish to register a new domain name through us.
  • 'I already have a domain name and I want to use it with my site' - You already own a domain name with a third party registrar company (e.g. godaddy, netsol) and would like to set up that domain name with your website.

If you're attaching a domain name you already own, you'll need to change your DNS settings with your domain registrar to:

Primary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server:

Here are instructions for changing your DNS for some domain registrars:

GoDaddy - click here

Yahoo - click here

Netfirms - click here

Network Solutions - click here

PowWeb - click here

Yellow Warning IMPORTANT: This update can take between 24 to 72 hours.

Green Warning NOTES:

  • You cannot set up a custom domain name while in trial mode. If you are still in trial mode, click the 'Pay for Site' button on the toolbar.
  • If you have purchased your domain name elsewhere, you will still need to manage and renew your domain with your registrar.
  • For editing purposes, you edit on your [HOST.NAME] version of your site. Any changes you make there automatically show up on your domain. Basically, your domain name shows your [HOST.NAME] site.
  • Any links which are automatically generated by us will switch to your domain when you are on the domain name version of your site -- i.e. the menu links. However, if you have inserted any links yourself manually where you typed in your [HOST.NAME] address you will need to update them to your domain instead. Just right-click on the link, select 'Edit Link' and make the correction. For example, if your web address is[HOST.NAME]/tires.html and your domain is, you would link to instead. Notice how everything in front of and behind is the same.

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