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Add HTML or JavaScript using the HTML Editor
  1. On the editing page, make sure your text editor is set to HTML. Look directly above the editor and it should say 'Switch to Easy Editor'. If it says 'Switch to HTML Editor' then click on the link.

    Select 'HTML Editor' and save.

    Your editing box should now show the HTML Editor box.

  2. Insert your code on your page. Checkmark the 'Check to allow HTML' box and click 'Save Changes'.

Inserting Code Within the Head Tags

  1. Edit your page and then on the left-hand menu, click on 'Properties'.

  2. Click the '<HEAD></HEAD>' tab.

  3. Enter your code (only include what goes between the head tags and not the tags themselves) and save.

  4. Save your page.

If you're inserting Title, Description or Keyword tags, see the related articles below.


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