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Insert Images Within Text - Easy Editor
  1. Place your cursor where you want your image to be inserted and then click on the 'Image' button.

  2. A pop-up appears. Click 'Select Image.'

  3. Another pop-up appears. Click 'Browse...'

  4. Select the image file you would like to post and then click 'Add Image(s)'.

    Yellow Warning By default, any images you've uploaded are put in the 'Main Folder' of the Image Library. You can optionally put your image in a different folder by clicking the down arrow beside 'Main Folder.'

  5. The pop-up closes and you see a preview of your image. You can post the image by clicking 'OK' at this point or you can choose some extra options:

    • Alternative Text: This is text that appears when your mouse is floating on top of your image. It also shows if you image is broken (some people like to view webpages with images turned off so that pages load faster).

    • Width and Height: If you change either number, the image will get bigger or smaller in proportion.

    • Border: Enter a number here to add a border. For no border, put in the number 0.

    • HSpace: Enter a number here to add empty space to the left and right of your image.

    • VSpace: Enter a number here to add empty space above and below your image.

    • Align: Select 'Left,' to have your image show on the left side with text wrapping around it. Select 'Right,' to have your image show on the right side with text wrapping around it. Select 'not set' for no word wrapping.

    If you have enabled Mobile Sites, we recommend adding a responsive class to your images to ensure they will be optimized for display on mobile devices. Click on the Advanced tab; in the field "Stylesheet Classes", enter the class "img-responsive" without quotes. In the field "Style", if there is an existing height and weight, delete it from the field.

    Click OK to apply the change, and save your page.


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