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How Spam is Reduced
Marking Messages as Spam
Marking Messages as Not Spam

How Spam is Reduced

There are 3 ways that spam is reduced on your message board:

  1. When guests post a message, they have to type in some text that shows in an image. This prevents spamming software from easily posting comments.
  2. An automated spam checker will hide comments that look like spam in a separate section of your site to check over later. Any messages marked spam for 14 days will automatically be deleted.
  3. You can mark messages as spam. This will actually help our spam checker to learn better what is and is not spam. Note that any messages mistakenly marked as spam can also be unmarked as spam.

Marking Messages as Spam

  1. On your Message Board, click on any topic. Then, check mark the boxes to the left of comments and click the 'Mark as Spam' button. Note that if you check mark all messages in a topic, the entire topic will remove automatically.

  2. Any messages marked as spam then show as greyed out. Only you as a logged in administrator see the greyed out messages. Messages marked as spam will automatically delete after 14 days.

    Ideally, it's a good idea to mark messages as spam so our spam filter can learn what posts are spam. Over time, the spam filter will then automatically mark more spam for you and you'll have less items to remove.

    Note: If you mark all posts in a topic as spam, the entire topic will be hidden from your message board. If you need to bring the topic back, this can be done. See Marking Messages as Not Spam.

Marking Messages as Not Spam

There are 2 ways to undo marking a message as spam:

  1. Check mark the boxes to the left of greyed out messages and click the 'Not Spam' button.

  2. Alternatively, you can view all your message board spam in one place by clicking 'Edit Page' and then 'Spam Management.' You can then check mark the boxes to the left of any messages you would like to mark as not spam and click the 'Not Spam' button.

    Note that you can also sort the list by clicking on 'USER,' 'TOPIC' or 'INSERTED' at the top.


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