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Message Board Member and Guest Access

By default, your website is set to allow posts from anonymous guests and to accept members automatically. However, you can disallow anonymous posts and/or choose from one of the following membership policies.

Automatic Application Approval
Visitors that apply for membership through the message board are automatically approved.

Manual Application Approval
You must manually approve/reject membership requests submitted through the message board.

Add Members Manually
You must create memberships manually and visitors cannot apply for membership through the message board.

To adjust your membership policy, click 'Membership Policy' on the left of the editing page.

Red Warning Changes to your Membership Options affect all message boards on your site.

To disallow anonymous posts:

  1. Within the editing page, click 'Manage Members' on the left.
  2. Uncheck the box labeled 'Check to allow posts from non-members' and click the green 'Save' button at the top right or bottom of the page.


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