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Revert Design to a Previous Version
You can revert to an older version of your website design by accessing the design archives of your website. You can make changes and save them without worrying about losing the previous design.

To use previous versions of your site's design:

  1. Go to 'Design' -> 'Previous Versions.'

  2. Click on the 'Use This Design' button beside the template you wish to use. Note that any text you added to your header will not appear, you would have to recreate just that part of your design.

How It Works

  • As soon as you change the design, the last version will be at the top of your archives.
  • You can click on the preview image of the design to view a larger version.
  • Placing your pointer by the archived time will show you the exact date and time when this version was saved.
  • The last 10 saved versions of your design will show no matter if they're all on one day or several days.
  • For anything older than the last 10 saved versions of your design, you'll have the last design saved on each previous day.
  • The maximum number of saved designs at any given time is 20. The 10 latest changes plus 10 designs from previous days.
  • Once a design does not appear on your archives, it cannot be retrieved.

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