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Create or Change Your Page URL

You can easily change the end or extension of your website address or URL from 'page/page/12345.html' to something more relevant and easy to remember. For example, if your website is for a pet store and one of your web pages is all about dogs, you could change the extension to

Benefits to you:

  • A more memorable website address, which will be easier to give your customers and have them remember
  • Potentially higher search engine ranking due to a more search-engine-friendly address
  • Web page structure that mirrors that of big corporate sites

To change your page URL:

  1. Go to 'Edit Site' -> 'My Pages'.
  2. Click on the 'Properties' link in the 'Options' column beside the page you want to change the URL of.
  3. A pop-up opens and you can edit the page URL. If you want to edit the URLs for multiple pages, click 'Manage All URLs' beside the 'Page URL' field.
  4. In the field provided, type in the page name you want. ONLY the name, not the whole website address.
  5. Once you have made the desired change, click'Save'.

Yellow Warning IMPORTANT:

  • Use letters or a combination of letters, numbers and underscores
  • No numbers on their own
  • No special characters like ! @ # $ % ^ () * + - =
  • Extension names must be unique


  • Once you change to a customized page URL, you cannot change it back to the 'page/page/12345.htm' format.
  • If other websites, search engines, directories, etc. have linked to your page using your old URL, these links will automatically forward to the new URL.
  • If you are listed on search engines or directories, note that they usually update their listings periodically. When they get to your link, they will unlist your old page address and, in most cases, will re-list the page with the new website address. Each search engine and directory has its own rules, so there is no guarantee these pages will be re-listed. You may have to resubmit.

Page types that you cannot rename:

  • Calendar - this layout will not have this feature added because it conflicts with its functionality.
  • Redirect - the friendly URL feature is not needed for this layout because it automatically forwards the visitor to another page already.
  • View Cart - this layout will not have this feature added because it conflicts with its functionality.

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