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Image Uploading Requirements

Images uploaded to the image library must be:

  • In .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png format. These are the most common internet image formats.
  • No larger than 640 x 640 pixels. Images larger than this tend to be too large for web use (i.e. it will take the end user too long to download). This will also save on your bandwidth usage.

Green Warning Please note: The image uploader will automatically resize images that are bigger than 640 x 640 pixels.  The image ratio / proportions will still stay the same.

If you're having trouble uploading images, the following includes a number of reasons why:

  • Your image is not one of the web compatible formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png.
  • Your image filename contains characters which are not accepted by our software. Try renaming your files to alphanumeric characters and then uploading to your site.
  • Your image has an error or non-standard format that is preventing it from showing. Some image editing programs will insert improper code into an image. Try opening your image and then re-saving it again with a new name.
  • The folder you are uploading your image(s) to has a character in it that is not read like a normal character. For example, a period "." is used to indicate that the letters after it are the file format (image.gif or word.doc). Try deleting your folder and only using letters, numbers and spaces.

Yellow Warning Trial sites are limited to a maximum of 20 images. Once your site is converted to paid you can upload more images.


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