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Add an Image or Text Below Left-Side Menu

If your menu is listed vertically, you can add text or a graphic underneath it. 

  1. Go to 'Edit Site' -> 'Design' -> 'Edit Menu'. Note the width of your menu listed in the drop down menu under 'Button Width'.
  2. In an image program, create a new image with a width and background color to match your menu.
    For the height, enter a large number like 2000 pixels. You want a large number so if you have a webpage that is long, your text/image you insert in your menu background doesn't keep repeating.
  3. Add your text and/or image to the menu background image you're creating. Make sure to leave some space at the top where your menu buttons will be or your buttons will cover your text/image.
  4. Go to 'Edit Site -> 'Design' -> 'Edit Menu'. Upload your image by clicking 'Browse' under 'Menu Background Image'.
  5. Click 'Update'.

Green Warning To find out your background color, go to 'Edit Site' -> 'Design' -> 'Edit Menu'. Click the color square under 'Background' to find out the color code for your menu. If you have a repeating image as your menu background, use it while creating your image.


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