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Cookies Used by Your Website

In order to provide basic functionality, your website employs the use of several cookies. A cookie is a small packet of data generated by a website that is saved in a visitor's web browser. These serve many purposes, but are generally used to improve a visitor's website browsing experience by saving your preferences, login sessions, shopping cart contents, and so on. Depending on their purpos, cookies can be kept for varying lengths of time, or are deleted at the end of the browsing session.

Here is a summary of all the cookies that a visitor might encounter when visiting your website, and what their function is. Keep in mind that 3rd party scrips, tools, or embedded content you have added to your site may employ other cookies beyond what is listed above.

Cookie Type Description Expiry
Boolean Tracks expand/collapse status of system notices Never stored
Internal account ID and token Logging in to your website Session only
Site name Transferring between secure & non-secure pages Session only
Internal account ID and token Managing express shopping cart users Session only
Internal cart ID and token Managing shopping cart checkout steps for all users Session only
Internal constant Tracking shipping method options expand/collapse during checkout Session only
String output of errors Capturing Verified by Visa errors to redisplay to users Session only
Internal account ID Protects system from too many signups from the same computer Session only
Internal site ID Determine whether to show the Welcome page or go to the Dashboard Session only
String output of errors Passing errors from one step of the shopping cart to another Session only
Internal page ID Provides "back" functionality when viewing catalog pages Session only
AuctionInc unique identifier Determines when to get new rates from our shipping calculator provider Session only
Internal account ID and token Assists users with file download links Session only
Host ID Transfers users into host system via login Session only
Section name Tracks which section the user is viewing via image library popup Session only
Knowledge base ID Assists users with searching the knowledge base Session only
Hashed password Storing passwords for "password protected" pages Session only
Google AdWords URL variables Tracking of user flow from Google AdWords 1 day
Boolean Tracks when the user forces desktop version view when viewing site on mobile device 1 day
Internal account ID AND token Handles transfer into website on login 7 days
Internal poll ID Handles the polling system on Polling Booth pages 7 days
Internal account ID Tracking referral program links 90 days
Internal user ID and token Managing message board user logins and sessions 365 days

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