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How do I insert a Facebook "Like" button?
Here are the steps:

Green Warning NOTE: This code will only insert properly on Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher, Safari and Firefox. It will show correctly on all browsers.

Get the Facebook "Like" button code

  1. Go to Facebook's "Like" Button page. Here, input the web address of your Facebook page and select your options. When you're done, click 'Get Code'.

  2. A window pops up. Click on "IFRAME" and copy the code.

Insert the "Like" button on your site

  1. Go to the page on your website you would like to post the "Like" Button on and click 'Edit Page.' Type "OOOOO" where you would like your button to show up and then click the 'HTML' button.

  2. You will now see the code that generates the content in your text box. Look for the "OOOOO" and delete it.

  3. Paste in your "Like" button code where the "OOOOO" used to be. Then, save your page.

  4. You're done!


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