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Newsletter Subscription Sign Up

On your Newsletter page, your visitors can enter their email address in the provided field to subscribe to your newsletter.

After the person subscribes, they are sent an email to confirm that they want to receive your newsletters. The person then just has to click on a link or copy and paste the link in their browser to do the confirmation.

Unsubscribing from Your Newsletters

At the bottom of all newsletters your subscribers receive, there is a link that they can click to unsubscribe. If you have several newsletters, the link will take them to a page where your customer can opt in or out of any of your newsletters at once. If they opt into any new newsletters, they again have to go through the email confirmation process.

Subscribe Box Location

By default, the subscribe box is shown on your newsletter page. However, advanced users may want to place the subscribe box on other pages of their website using HTML code. Moving the subscription box to other pages of your site, like the home page, may increase newsletter subscription.

To place your subscribe box on other pages:

  1. Click 'Options' on the left-side menu of the newsletter edit page.
  2. Copy the HTML code in the text field under 'Newsletter Signup Form'.
  3. Go as you would to edit the page you want the subscribe box to be on and paste the code into the HTML text editor. Make sure your text editor is set to HTML - if not, click the 'Switch to HTML Editor' link above the editor.
  4. Save your changes by clicking the green 'Save' button at the top right and bottom of the page.

You can also opt to remove the subscribe box from the Newsletter page. Keep in mind that if you remove it and don't place in on another page, visitors will not be able to sign up for your newsletter.

To remove the subscribe box from the Newsletter page:

  1. Click 'Options' on the left of the editing page.
  2. Check the 'Hide newsletter signup form on Newsletter page.' box, under the 'Newsletter Signup Form' code. Click the green 'Save' button at the top right and bottom of the page.

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