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Limitations of a Trial Site

Your Trial website is identical to an Activated site with the exception of the following:

  1. You may not create email addresses.
  2. You may only upload a maximum of 20 images. After your site is converted to paid you can upload the maximum for your package.
  3. You cannot set up your own domain (e.g. with your site until after your site is converted to paid (you only have your www.yoursite.[HOST.NAME] address).
  4. You can access up to 1 mb of space on your multimedia layout page during the trial and then you can upload the maximum for your package.
  5. Only after you pay for your site can you turn on your shopping cart so the cart buttons appear.

Once your site is converted to paid, you can access upgrades to your account via your 'Account' -> 'Upgrades'. From there you can see how many pages, images, email accounts, products and space you have used as well as purchase more upgrade options. Please note that the billing is monthly.


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