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If you sent out spam, this gives us immediate grounds to cancel your site. Note that if you hired a company and they sent out the spam it is still your reponsibility and your site may still be cancelled. We do have a system in place to fix spam complaints in some cases. The details are:

Price: $50/clean-up + $50/spam complaint

Description: If you use the mail server to send an email campaign without verifying your email list or complying with the WebsiteDynamics Anti-Spam Agreement, you will be responsible for a $50 fee to help finance the clean up of rejected email from the mail server. You will further be responsible for a $50 fee for each spam complaint receives as a result of your email activities to pay for the cost of resolving the spam complaint.

Useful For: Making sure the website community does not subsidize the unethical and illegal actions of any one member who chooses to ignore Can-Spam regulations and the WebsiteDynamics Anti-Spam Agreement.


  • The email must have been sent using the [HOST.NAME] mail server.
  • The owner of the return email address and website will be responsible for the fees outlined above, regardless of who used his/her website to send the email in question.
  • The fees outlined above will be charged to the credit card number on file for the website that sends the email at issue. You will be contacted with details and the charge amount.


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