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Page Error - Page Timeout or Expire
Timeouts and expired pages are caused when a website is not responding within an amount of time set by your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Netscape). The timeouts are caused because some part of the Internet connection between your computer and our servers (where your website) is going slow. This is most likely (but not always) caused by the connection closest to your computer: Your ISP (Internet Service Provider), the company you purchase Internet access from. Typically this will not happen all the time and may occur if the ISP is currently being used by too many people at the same time. It is less likely that this is caused by the connection on our servers because we have several times more total connection bandwidth than we need. We recommend three solutions:
  1. Before you save a page, copy and paste the page in a word processor or a text editor like Microsoft Word or Notepad. To copy text, select the text with the mouse by clicking and dragging then type CTRL-C on your keyboard. Go to the word processor text editor then type CTRL-V to paste. If the page doesn't save correctly, you can try to save again by copy and pasting from your word processor or text editor back to the page. This is in fact how we ensure any large amounts of text are not lost and is an unfortunate fact of life on the Internet. We do this for all websites, not just our own.

  2. You can wait until the Internet is moving more quickly and you do not see such errors. We still recommend you copy and paste text though so that you don't lose lots of typing.

  3. You can save in smaller increments so you lose less work. Again, though, we recommend simply copy and pasting the text. It is safer.
Conversely, you may wish to write and save your text originally in your word processor or text editor and then copy and paste it to the page when you are ready. This has the benefit that you always have a local copy of your text.

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