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Putting Your Site 'On Hold'

You can put your website on hold for up to a year. It will no longer be live on the Internet and you will not be able to access, view, or make changes to it. However, all the current content on your website will be held on our servers until you reactivate or cancel your site. This service is free with your paid website and can be useful for extended vacations or similar circumstances.

Additional Details:

  • The website you want to put "On Hold" must have been built using the [HOST.NAME] website builder.
  • The website you want to put "On Hold" must be paid for and hosted on [HOST.NAME] servers.
  • You must reactivate your website within one calendar year of placing it on hold or the content will be deleted from the system.
  • The website can only be reactivated by the owner of the website.
  • This offer is restricted to 1 website per person.

Putting Your Website On Hold

To suspend your website, you must do so through online support.

  1. Click 'Support'on the right hand side of toolbar.
  2. For the title of your message, enter "REQUEST: Temporary Hold.", then enter your message.
  3. Click 'Submit'. You will be notified via email and your website will be placed on hold.

Yellow Warning IMPORTANT: If you have registered your domain name with us and it's up for renewal during the suspension period, we will need to request a domain name release at the time of submitting your 'Temporary Hold' request. Otherwise, your domain name may expire and be lost. Disregard this note if you have purchased your domain name elsewhere.

Red Warning NOTE: During the 'Temporary Hold' period your email will no longer work and all emails will be removed. Please download all important emails before requesting a 'Temporary Hold'.


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