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Copying or Replicating Your Site

We can replicate your site for you onto a new site. Here are the details:

Price: $50/website

Description: Create a duplicate of an existing website.

Useful For: Anyone who wants to set up a duplicate website under a new URL for search engine, specialization, or marketing purposes.


The website must be built using the [HOST.NAME] website builder.

Your replicated site will be put on free trial and it's up to you to convert it to a paid site. This is a new web site and has regular site fees separate from your original site.

The website must be paid for and hosted on[HOST.NAME] servers. (For expired websites, see Retrieve Archived Website.)

Only static content on the website can be duplicated.

Page Content

Does not include:
Guest book entries
Message boards

To sign up: Contact online support, by logging into your site and clicking on 'Help', then click on a category and then enter your title as Replicate Website and in your message, enter:

  • your top 3 choices for your new website's [HOST.NAME] web address
  • "I agree to the $50 charge."
  • your account password

The turnaround is up to 10 days. You will be contacted when it's ready.


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