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Billing Error - AVS

AVS (Address Verification System) error means:

We were unable to successfully charge you for your subscription because of a mismatch between the address listed in your site's 'Account' -> 'Billing' section and the billing address of the credit card you are trying to use. You will need to update this information in order for the website to be charged properly or your website(s) may be canceled.

To reactivate your site on your own, login to your site, then click on the Activation link found in the body area of your pages. Then update your contact information, and charge your card.

To request reactivation, please contact us by logging into your site and clicking on 'Support', then click on a category and then enter your title and your question.

Yellow Warning IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you have contacted the support team (either by phone or by support request) after updating the billing information so that the system can attempt to charge the credit card again.


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