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Creating a Membership Site or Subscription Service

We have 3 options for you regarding membership on your site.

  1. Only the page layout Message Board can have membership. You can set it up so that anyone can be a members, anyone can apply to you to be a member or only you can setup memberships. Each member can have their own id name and login. As well, when you click on their id name you can see their profile. You will also have a list of all the members and their info on your site.

  2. We do have password protection available. Here is how to set it up:
    1. Click the 'Edit Site' tab.
    2. Click 'Properties' beside any page, then click 'Bulk Edit' beside the 'Password' field.
    3. Enter a password beside each page you want to password protect. Leave the text box blank for any pages you want to have available to the public without a password.
    4. Click 'Save'.

    Green Warning NOTE: If you use the same password on several pages, the visitor need only input the password once and then all pages with that password become available.

    If you wanted to password protect your whole site, just input the same password for all pages.

  3. You can try a third party password protection option. does offer a free password option that just requires you to copy and paste in some html; it's under Password Protection on their homepage.


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