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Upload via FTP

Sorry, we do not provide FTP access. All of the pages you create with the website builder are generated dynamically, pulling data from multiple locations. Since a page you create in the builder is not one file, there is no single file that you may download. As for uploading, it is possible to upload your own separate HTML file via a Multimedia page, however that file will not be integrated with the builder.

If you want a separate HTML page available on your site and want to link to it on your navigation menu, you may do so with a Redirect page.

  1. Upload your HTML file via a Multimedia page.
  2. View the Multimedia page, right-click the link for the file and select 'Copy Link Location' or 'Copy Shortcut'.
  3. Create a Redirect page and for the URL paste (CTRL+V) the address you copied in the previous step.

Green Warning NOTE: To test the Redirect page, please visit the page in an entirely separate browser (ie if you are using Internet Explorer, visit your site in Firefox), or log out of your site to visit the page. The Redirect page will not show a link for regular visitors, it will forward automatically and immediately to the address you specified.


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