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Insert Images with the "Click to Change" Box

The 'Click to Change' boxes are an easy way to insert images on your pages. To insert an image:

  1. Click on the 'Click to Change' box.

  2. A window pops up where you'll have 3 options:

    • To select an image from our Image Library, click on any of the folders under 'Free Images' then click on one of the image thumbnails that appear.

    • To upload your own image, click the 'Browse' button and select an image from your computer. Then, select a folder and click the 'Add Image(s)' button.

    • To post an image you uploaded earlier, click on the folder it's in under 'Your Images' and click on the thumbnail of the image you would like.

  3. Once your image shows in the image box, you can optionally change the image size to one of the following:

    • Original Size - image appears as is (Note: larger images by default always size down to fit within 640 x 640 pixels

    • Small Size - 160 pixel width

    • Medium Size - 320 pixel width

    • Large Size - 480 pixel width

    The height always adjusts so the image is still in proportion. Note that if you select a size that is bigger than the original size, the image quality won't be as good. Also, these resizing options only apply to layout Web Page.

  4. The image will now show in the box. Make sure to save your changes by clicking the green 'Save' button at the top right or bottom of the page.

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