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Change Menu Buttons & Colors (Standard Templates)

You can change the colors, size, text and more of your navigation menu. You can even add a background image to show behind your buttons.

To modify your menu, go to 'Edit Site' -> 'Design' -> 'Edit Current Template' -> click on the 'Edit Menu' tab.

You'll now see the Menu editing page. These settings are what allow you to change how your menu looks on a page. Each template comes with default settings for the menu.

To view the changes you make, click the green 'Update' button. Once the changes have been saved, you will be able to scroll down the page to a preview pane of the 'Current Template.

Alignment - The alignment is where the text will be placed on your buttons. You can choose left, right, or center using the drop down menu provided.

Button Spacing - Button spacing is a numeric value that refers to the amount of space between each button, 0 means no space between buttons, and 10 pixels is the maximum space.

Button Border - The button border is the line around the edge of each button. You can change the width of this border, 0 being no border, 4 being the widest.

Button Width - You can change the width of your buttons to be between 100 and 200 pixels.

Font - You can change the font style and size of the text on the index buttons. The default font style and size are listed in drop down menus.

Background Image - By default, most of the templates have just a solid color as the background. If you prefer, you can place an image behind your buttons instead of the solid color. Click the 'Choose...' button to upload one of your own images. To remove a background image, click on the blue 'Delete' link next to the 'Choose...' button, and click 'Save'.

Menu Colors - This is how you adjust the color of your button elements. The color of 'Active Button' is the color shown when the button is moused-over. Click on a color square to change the color.

Yellow Warning Depending on the size of the background image you upload, it will display differently in the index. If your image is smaller than the size of the index, it will tile to cover the area. If your image is larger than the index area, only a portion of the image will be displayed.


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