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Changing Template Border & Margin (Standard Templates)

The template border appears right around the edge of your template. You can adjust the width and color.

The template margin is the space between the top edge of the template border and the edge of the browser window.

To adjust your template margin or border

  1. Go to 'Design' -> 'Edit Current Template' -> click on the 'Edit Border'tab.
  2. To change the width of the border, choose a number (0-10) from the drop down menu below 'Border'.
  3. To change the color of the border, click the colored square called 'Border Color' and choose a color.
  4. To change the width of the margin, choose a number (0-10) from the drop down menu below 'Margin Size'.
  5. Once you have made all the desired customizations for the border, click the green 'Save' button.

To see what your website looks like with the new template border adjustments, click 'View Site' on the toolbar.


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