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RSS Feeds

You have the following options to set up an RSS Feed:

  • Embedding External Feed Content
  • Posting a Feed

RSS Uses

The most common use for embedding an RSS feed is to incorporate blog posts into your site. You can use a third party website to create your blog, then use to embed the RSS feed of your blog so that the posts are displayed on your site.

Embedding External Feed Content

You can embed a feed using JavaScript if the feed is in .XML or .RSS format. If you are not familiar with how to create the JavaScript there are many generators on the web that can be used. For example, or

Then, copy and paste the generated code onto your website using the HTML editor.

Only .XML or .RSS feeds can be embedded. Feeds in .ASP, .PHP or other platform dependent formats are not supported.

Posting a feed

You can provide an address to visitors to populate their website or FeedReader that links to the Home page of your website.

  1. Upload your feed using the Multimedia layout, being sure to include the correct XML/RSS tags in the file.
  2. When viewing the page, right-click on the file link and click 'Properties'. You'll see the full path to the feed under 'Address/URL'.


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