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Subpages and Javascript buttons


Set it up so your customer clicks on a link in the menu and then they see links to your other pages.

  1. Create all your subpages.
  2. Add a Links page and on it, link to all your subpages.
  3. Hide your subpages from your navigation menu.

JavaScript Buttons

You can use JavaScript buttons and make your template disappear into the background. 

Disguising Your Menu

  1. Hide all your pages from your menu, EXCEPT your Home page. The menu cannot be completely removed otherwise navigation to get to your site won't work. 
  2. Make your menu colors/background match the body background by going to 'Edit Site' -> 'Design' -> 'Edit Current Template' -> 'Edit Menu'. Also, switch your layout so the menu goes across the top.  Click on 'Edit Layout'.

Adding Your Own Buttons

You would have to find code for the drop down menu buttons you want and then add in the code to each page.


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