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Change the Color of Links (Standard Templates)
Editing The Default Link Color
You can change the default color that all links will use by editing your site's template.
  1. Click the 'Edit Site' tab -> 'Design' -> 'Edit Current Template' -> 'Edit Body'.
  2. Under 'Colors', you'll see color samples. To change the colors of your links, click the color samples under:

Link - the color of the link before it has been clicked on
Visited Link - the color of the link after it has been clicked on
Hover Link - the color of the link when the mouse cursor is on it

  1. Click on 'Update' when you are done.

Editing A Specific Link Color
You can also modify the color of a specific link, overriding the default link color.
  1. Edit the page containing the link you wish to change.
  2. In the Easy Editor, highlight the link text you want to change the color of.
  3. Click the 'Text Color' icon and choose the appropriate color for the link.
  4. Click 'Save'.

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