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Adding a Flash Intro (Splash Page)

To set up a splash page (i.e. an intro page that looks different than your template showing with ENTER on it):

  1. Create your splash page and save as .html.
  2. Upload the .html file using a Multimedia page.
  3. You then see a link to the file you just uploaded. Click on it and copy the web address of the page from the Location bar of the browser by highlighting it with your mouse and pressing CTRL + C.
  4. Add a Redirect Layout to your site.
  5. When asked for the web address to redirect to, paste (CTRL + V) in the address you copied in step 3.  If you have your own domain name, make sure you correct the address to your domain name.  For example, if your web address from step 3 is:[HOST.NAME]/splashpage.htm

you would change it to:

You have to sort your menu so the Redirect page is the first page.

Make sure your splash .html page links to the 2nd page in your menu (i.e. the one just under your Redirect page).

When submitting your site to search engines, make sure you submit the web address you copied in step 3 (i.e. the flash page you are redirecting to) or to the 2nd page on your index. Search engines don't like redirected web addresses.



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